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Hiring Strategy Group is a premier, private consulting firm that accomplishes the hiring needs of venture backed startups. We are not a recruiting agency and do not charge any commission. Instead, we directly work internally with founders, executives, and managers. We have successfully serviced many of the fastest growing companies in the country, including:

- Calm (Apple's App of the Year, $2 Billion valuation, $218M raised)
- ABL Space Systems (Founded by SpaceX leaders, $1.3 Billion Valuation, $90M+ raised)
- Numerai (Hedge fund using AI and Crypto, $18.5M raised)
- Atrium (Startup law firm using AI, $75.5M raised)
- Forge (Pre-IPO Investing, $88.5M raised)

Since we aim to provide the best level of private consulting services in Silicon Valley, we are highly selective about which clients we work with. Clients are personally serviced by our CEO and our Head of Recruiting.


All of our clients currently come in as private referrals. But if you would like to submit your company's information for our consideration, please find our contact information below.

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